President Obama State of the Union Address -2014

Here it is- Obama’s statement about Ukraine during the State of Union Address:

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  1. A C

    President Obama and the American people given a History and Geography 101 lesson about Ukraine by the Ukrainian American citizens with letters, tweets and Facebook posts. Now it is time to initiate sanctions on the Yanukovych regime and give back all monies stolen back to the Ukrainian people.

  2. A C

    Stop Putin from tearing Ukraine apart with a civil war: Listen to Senator McCain:n order to support the cause of protesters in Ukraine who seek to be more closely aligned with Europe than Russia, McCain insisted that Obama needs to be clear-eyed about who Russian President Putin truly is.

    “This is not a man with a soul,” McCain said. “This is a KGB apparatchik colonel who has risen to the top of the greasy pole. We must understand who we are dealing with.

    “For us to believe that Vladimir Putin is going to give up Ukraine to the West without a fight and exercise many options, I think, is foolishness,” he added.

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