Akhmetov calls for constitutional reform, decentralization

Akhmetov calls for constitutional reform, decentralization (INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT)
Donbas billionaire Rinat Akhmetov


Editor’s Note: This is the text of TRK Ukraine’s interview with Donbas billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, to be broadcast at 7 p.m. on May 14, 2014

Today the situation in Donbas is extremely difficult. The region has been gripped by fear. People are closing stores and offices and leaving cities. People are being shot and killed in streets.

This is a disaster for our land. We are living in disaster.

But I want Donbass and every citizen of our region to be happy. And what is happiness? Happiness is when you live in peace.Happiness is when you feel secure. Happiness is when the economy is strong, when new jobs are being created, when people have good employment, good salaries and good lives. Happiness is when we are respected, when people honour our heritage, our history and our language as well as our holidays, traditions and our ambitions for making life better.

How can we achieve it? I believe there are four scenarios.

Scenario 1: Everything remains as it is. Kiev has all the power, while regions develop on the leftovers. I am strongly convinced that this way has already run out of steam and is not right for the future.

Scenario 2: The Donetsk People’s Republic. Nobody in the world will recognise it. However, our economy is based on coal, steel, energy, heavy engineering, chemical industry, agriculture and all the business areas related to them. We will face huge sanctions and will not be able to sell or produce. It will result in suspended production, unemployment and poverty.

Scenario 3: Joining Russia. I strongly believe that neither Russia nor Donbass need it. And neither Russia nor Donbass will benefit from it. We will face huge sanctions and again will not be able to sell or make our products. It will result in an economic downturn, unemployment and poverty.

Scenario 4: The only right way, in my view, is to amend the Constitution and decentralize government. It is when Kiev gives authority to the regions. It is when regional governments are not appointed but elected. And it is when local authorities are responsible to the people in the present and future.

I strongly believe that Donbass can be happy only in a united Ukraine.

Will the Real Akhmetov stand up. Does he care about the fate of Ukraine besides the fate of his empire of wealth. Is he a dark figure with money as his religion.

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