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Young girl from Odesa: We are all Judeo-Bandero-shahids!

Young girl from Odesa: We are all Judeo-Bandero-shahids!

We must share this post by a young girl from Odesa:

March 2, 2014 Facebook
Translated by Voices of Maidan
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“If we survive, live through [these events] and stabilize, then I would suggest to build a monument to Vladimir Putin – for the revival of the Ukrainian nation. We thought Yanukovych had united us. No, it was still not the unity we could have had. Yesterday, Odesa held an “Odesa is Ukraine” rally, which proved to be the most numerous rally in the history of Ukraine’s independence (you must understand, it’s Odesa after all). We finally lifted our butts off the sofa and went. Apparently, there are still some Jews left in Odessa. A couple of thousand for sure. And, you will not belive it, they are all Banderites! Yes! The real Banderites. We have a preponderance of Banderites here [in Odesa]: Jewish Banderites, Russian Banderites, Ukrainian Banderites, as well Armenian Banderites, Bulgarian, Greek and many others. Muslim Banderites uh … I do not remember how they call it …. said that three million Muslims will defend their homeland – Ukraine, and a column of Jewish Banderites passing by a mosque (disguised as Arab cultural center) shouted “Allah Akbar!” One man said, “Now I’ve seen everything in life!”

Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin], you have made the impossible possible! We thought we were Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Tatars, Orthodox, Jewry, Muslims … and it turned out that we are all Ukrainians. Banderites. They say that Kiselev will have a glitch, but I believe in him! Expect a new term: “State Department agents, Judeo-Bandero-shahids!” God save Ukraine! Glory to its Heroes!”

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People attend an anti-war rally in the Ukrainian Black Sea city of Odessa on March 2, 2014. Ukraine has placed its army on full combat alert, but with ageing equipment and limited personnel. AFP PHOTO/ ALEXEY KRAVTSOV/AFP/Getty Images
People attend an anti-war rally in the Ukrainian Black Sea city of Odesa on March 2, 2014. AFP PHOTO/ ALEXEY KRAVTSOV/AFP/Getty Images

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