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Russian immigrants from Brooklyn weigh in on Obama’s face-off with Putin

Russian immigrants from Brooklyn weigh in on Obama’s face-off with Putin

In the “Watters’ World” segment of Monday’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Jesse Watters asked Russian immigrants now living in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn how President Obama compared with Putin. “He definitely needs to stop riding those bikes,” one said.

Although most seemed to like Obama, all agreed he wasn’t tough enough. Most liked Putin — only one thought he was schizophrenic. Most seemed to agree he was no match for Putin. “Obama has no strategy,” said one man.

Everyone seemed to agree on one point — Putin did not invade Ukraine.
March 18, 2014 by Michael Dorstewitz

Watch the video via Fox News:

Tens of thousands of Russians have immigrated to Brooklyn through the years.

Waves of Russians settled in the Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach neighborhoods in the 1970s and again after the Soviet Union collapsed in the ’90s.

“The O’Reilly Factor” sent Jesse Watters to Brooklyn to talk to them. Watters found that most Russians he spoke to do support Russian President Vladimir Putin

If they love Putin and Mother Russia so much why don’t they go back and support Putin’s Russia back home in Russia. Life in America must be better-more freedom and free social services and entitlements in Obama’s America. Best these Russians go back to wonderful Putin and Great Russia, why stay in Brooklyn of all places and spread lies like Putin saves Ukraine- no invade Ukraine, Dah!, Putin no Nazi, Putin better than Obama- SHAME!